Homeowners Who doesn’t love a transformation? One of the very best parts of my job is visiting people that I helped find a home. Not only do I get to catch up with what they’re doing and find out how much they love their house – I get to see what they’ve done to the house to make it home. In this […]
Green Living The Rebuilding Center If you’re thinking about doing a project… You might want to drop by the Rebuilding Center. Even if you don’t need any building materials you might have something to donate. They are a nonprofit whose goal of selling reclaimed and salvaged materials is a great fit for Portland’s sensibilities. Every day, eight tons of building […]
Blog Roll Change is coming! At long last we are going to start on our backyard. For me, it was much easier making the decisions for the interior remodel than the backyard. Thankfully, we had the help of a great landscape architect, Erin Casey. Next month I’ll show you the fabulous plans she drew for us. Our backyard now has […]
Blog Roll Splish Splash A little while ago I featured the kitchen remodel of one of my buyers. She bought a wonderful home in NE and gutted the kitchen. After tackling that, she decided she was going to start on her bathroom. She gutted that as well and it looks just marvelous – my pictures don’t do it justice. By […]
Blog Roll Kitchen Transformation About 2 years ago a client of mine bought a great home in the Alberta Arts Neighborhood. The house had tons of potential and had been very well tended. The only problem was the kitchen and bath were original and needed some love. She did the kitchen almost right away and finished the bath not […]
Blog Roll Expand your living space without adding on! A little over a year ago I helped a lovely family buy a home in NE Portland. They wanted a little more yard, a different neighborhood and a good family/playroom. Well they found the first two and the possibility of the third in the partially finished basement. They decided to move the staircase (which would […]
Homeowners Kitchen Transformation A while back, I featured a basement remodel done by a lovely family that lives not far from me; incidentally, I sold them their home. Well, they’ve rolled up their sleeves again and renovated their kitchen. When they redid their basement they moved the stairs knowing it would open up space in the kitchen. They […]
Blog Roll Remodeling, A Different View…Continued… I told you about Megan and Corey who recently remodeled their home. They added a master suite that has access to their expanded new patio plus spruced up their existing bathroom and kitchen. You saw some before pictures; now it’s time for the finished product. I know they are so pleased to have the work […]
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Blog Roll Remodeling, A Different View Last year I met a couple who were planning to combine their homes and lives. Megan had a sweet bungalow in NE and Corey had a place in Estacada. Neither home was big enough for both of them so… should they stay or should they go?? After weighing their options, they decided adding on to […]
Blog Roll We’re in the home stretch!! For me the big news just before Christmas was – finally sleeping upstairs. There were lots of little things left to do like light fixtures, window coverings, and doorknobs, but we were very close to done! At this point, we didn't have the patio completed let alone stairs to the outside. We ordered some new furniture […]
ADUs ADUs – Accessory Dwelling Units – Is it an option for you?? ADUs are becoming more and more popular. There are so many possibilities: a rental unit, mother-in-law apartment, studio/office and on and on. I am personally a big fan; it might be because I always wanted a playhouse as a child! The city of Portland has an informative website which gives you an outline of the process and rules. […]
Blog Roll Remodel, Part III Month four of our remodel. Our windows were installed, the house got siding, the sheetrock was up and the new hardwoods – beautiful!!! Yes, there was still dust everywhere, and I sometimes doubted that we would ever live above ground again. I did see light at the end of the tunnel, however, and hoped to be moving back […]
Blog Roll Remodel Revisited   Fast forward to month 3 of our remodel! Lots of progress made. The shell of the addition was built so we had a much better sense of how everything was going to look.   Our contractor, Tyler Dean Construction, did a wonderful job. They barely batted an eye when I asked to enlarge an already completed window […]
Blog Roll To move or remodel, that is the question… We pondered that question for about 4 years. I can make a good case for both options but, about a year ago, we finally decided to….. remodel. We wanted to add on to the back of our house which would change our very small bedroom into a medium sized bedroom, add a walk-in closet (I […]