Home MaintenanceHomeownersPortland Real Estate October 7, 2016

Does the front of your house need a little face lift?

When we remodeled our house we also had a new concrete walkway poured to our front door. That’s the good news. The bad news is – now I notice other things that look a little tired. So, we had our grass reseeded and a little path redone. I’m thinking the front and garage doors need a fresh coat of paint. Well, you get the idea.

We’re going to do these little upgrades because they just need doing. If you’re thinking of selling your home in the next year or two you might want to know what to do and what kind of return do you get on your investment?? I came across this website that has tons of data and it breaks it down by regions. It covers everything from a bathroom remodel to adding insulation in your attic. I believe that these studies are helpful but of course, each case is different.

If you are thinking of selling your house in the next couple years and are trying to decide what to do and what not to do, give me a call. I’d love to help!