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Kitchen Transformation

A while back, I featured a basement remodel done by a lovely family that lives not far from me; incidentally, I sold them their home. Well, they’ve rolled up their sleeves again and renovated their kitchen. When they redid their basement they moved the stairs knowing it would open up space in the kitchen. They redesigned the space so that it now is open to the dining room and has tons more counter space and light – it is stunning.

Beautiful solid surface counters with tile backsplash, custom cabinets, hardwood floors and, of course, all new appliances. Not only is it great for cooking – their 3 year old is already helping in the kitchen – it’s perfect for entertaining, too. Look below to see what they’ve done!


marika old photo 1 marika old photo 2



Marika new 1 

Marika new 2 Marika new 3