Blog RollRemodeling September 4, 2015

To move or remodel, that is the question…

We pondered that question for about 4 years. I can make a good case for both options but, about a year ago, we finally decided to….. remodel. We wanted to add on to the back of our house which would change our very small bedroom into a medium sized bedroom, add a walk-in closet (I am still so excited about that!!) and add a study for David.

On the other side of our house, we planned to enlarge our dining room which would open up to a new covered patio. We hired an architect to draw the plans and once we began, we had a wonderful crew at our house at about 7:00 each morning. 

It was really going pretty well…unless you asked our cat, Maynard, who thought he was in hell.

Below are a few photos of our progress…we were about a third of the way through here.