Change is coming!

At long last we are going to start on our backyard. For me, it was much easier making the decisions for the interior remodel than the backyard. Thankfully, we had the help of a great landscape architect, Erin Casey. Next month I’ll show you the fabulous plans she drew for us. Our backyard now has a much larger covered patio and sliding glass doors to the backyard from the dining room and master bedroom. This summer we plan to complete the patio, next summer the fence and flower beds, the summer after… the world. Below are photos from before the remodel and after – sort of the in-between stage. As you can see, we don’t have proper steps, there is gravel instead of concrete and we still have part of our grape arbor.  I know it will look worse before it looks better, but I can’t wait to get started! 



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Splish Splash

A little while ago I featured the kitchen remodel of one of my buyers. She bought a wonderful home in NE and gutted the kitchen. After tackling that, she decided she was going to start on her bathroom. She gutted that as well and it looks just marvelous – my pictures don’t do it justice.

By the way, that is why I hire a professional photographer when I list a house!!! Below are the results plus a picture of how it looked when she bought the house. She obviously has good taste and a good contractor.



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Moss on your roof??

One thing I know for sure, moss on your roof is never a good thing!

If you are selling your home and you have moss on your roof, most appraisers will require it be removed before the sale closes. More importantly, it will shorten the life of your roof. So what is the best solution? I know it’s not a good idea to pressure wash your roof – it removes the granules which are there to protect the shingles. You also don’t want to scrape off the moss – you might inadvertently crack or break a shingle.

I’ve had at least 6 cases where diligent homeowners power washed their roofs and along with taking off granules – they took about 15 years off the life of the roof! I had moss on my roof and recently had it treated.  The process takes awhile, the moss dies and then is washed away by the rain. I went online and did a little research. This website has a very good overview of different methods so if the time comes, you will be better informed.

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What’s the story with Bioswales??

As it turns out, storm water runoff is not our friend and is a major cause of pollution in our rivers and oceans. We have been taking steps in the right direction to prevent this water that is contaminated with bacteria, heavy metals and trash from being dumped directly into the river. A good example is disconnecting our downspouts. One of the next big steps is bioswales.

I watched this little video about how bioswales are able to sift out a large portion of the impurities which not only keeps our waters cleaner but saves the lives of fish and other sea life.

Evidently, Portland is ahead of the curve on this – good for us!!! 

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Kitchen Transformation

About 2 years ago a client of mine bought a great home in the Alberta Arts Neighborhood. The house had tons of potential and had been very well tended. The only problem was the kitchen and bath were original and needed some love. She did the kitchen almost right away and finished the bath not too long ago. Here are a couple before and after shots of the kitchen!!

If you're ever curious how a remodel could affect the resale value of your home, give me a call and let's chat. 






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Did I ever dodge a bullet…

Not long ago I sent a contractor to a rental to replace a light fixture. While he was there, the tenant mentioned the dryer was getting really hot. On further investigation, he discovered the long vent hose was almost completely blocked by lint. I knew that clogged dryer vents are a huge cause of fires. So yes, I got the dryer vent cleaned and kissed the ground that nobody died and the house didn’t burn down. I did a little internet search and attached some easy instructions on cleaning the hose vent and preventing the lint to accumulate in the first place. Check it out here

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1962 Revisited

As a little girl, I was lucky enough to go to the Seattle World’s Fair. The Space Needle and the Monorail stand out as highlights. I did some rummaging through boxes of keepsakes recently and came across a few nuggets and great memories.

One of the things I remember is touring a modular home. For whatever reason, I kept the brochure after all these years! 

This is a little something from the brochure that rings even more true today: Each year, as our population grows, convenient and available land shrinks in acreage while rising in value – the dream slips a little farther away for the young. The architect behind this, Robert Martin Engelbrecht, was ahead of his time and even more timely right now! Click here to see the whole thing.

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Expand your living space without adding on!

A little over a year ago I helped a lovely family buy a home in NE Portland. They wanted a little more yard, a different neighborhood and a good family/playroom. Well they found the first two and the possibility of the third in the partially finished basement. They decided to move the staircase (which would give them more space when they remodel the kitchen), add some windows, sheetrock and carpet which completely transformed the space. Take a look at what they did!

Curious how a remodel could affect the resale value of your home? Give me a call!



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Going green one step at a time

As we all know, Portland is taking steps to go green. More bike lanes and better recycling options are good examples. Since spring is right around the corner, now might be the time to investigate some green gardening tips like ways to have a healthy lawn and trouble-shoot garden pests and diseases without using chemicals. You can also call Metro Recycling at 503-234-3000 for lots more tips!

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I am on a mission to tell the world about…

…cleaning their gutters. I know you know, but I tell everyone: clean them at least once a year. When I work with first time buyers I tell them over and over it is one of the most important things they can do to for their house.

As long as I’m at it, it is also important to have someone look at your roof every few years to make sure you have enough ventilation, your flashing is in good shape and ensure that a leak isn’t just waiting to happen. Clean your chimney and furnace and cover your outside hose bibs in cold weather. 

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