Change is coming!

At long last we are going to start on our backyard. For me, it was much easier making the decisions for the interior remodel than the backyard. Thankfully, we had the help of a great landscape architect, Erin Casey. Next month I’ll show you the fabulous plans she drew for us. Our backyard now has a much larger covered patio and sliding glass doors to the backyard from the dining room and master bedroom. This summer we plan to complete the patio, next summer the fence and flower beds, the summer after… the world. Below are photos from before the remodel and after – sort of the in-between stage. As you can see, we don’t have proper steps, there is gravel instead of concrete and we still have part of our grape arbor.  I know it will look worse before it looks better, but I can’t wait to get started! 



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Splish Splash

A little while ago I featured the kitchen remodel of one of my buyers. She bought a wonderful home in NE and gutted the kitchen. After tackling that, she decided she was going to start on her bathroom. She gutted that as well and it looks just marvelous – my pictures don’t do it justice.

By the way, that is why I hire a professional photographer when I list a house!!! Below are the results plus a picture of how it looked when she bought the house. She obviously has good taste and a good contractor.



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Life is good…

There is a new park in town and it just happens to be in walking distance from me. The Cully Neighborhood just welcomed Khunamokwst Park which is Chinook for together. It’s located at at 52nd NE Alberta. 

It has something for everyone: water features and boulders to play on, a skate park, covered area with picnic tables, paths for walking and jogging, slides, it even has a bioswale – check it out if you’re in the area. I stopped by one sunny afternoon and hung out for awhile. There were tons of kids and adults; it appears the park is going to be well attended. I took a few pictures but the attached video will give you a much better idea of what the park has to offer. What a wonderful way to bring neighbors and a neighborhood together!!!!


Check out the video about this new park here: 


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Remodeling, A Different View

Last year I met a couple who were planning to combine their homes and lives. Megan had a sweet bungalow in NE and Corey had a place in Estacada. Neither home was big enough for both of them so… should they stay or should they go??

After weighing their options, they decided adding on to Megan’s house was the answer! Megan’s home had 2 bedrooms on the main floor and one bath. What they wanted was a bedroom, bathroom, office and a master suite with 2 big closets and sliding doors to a patio! That is exactly what they got, and it turned out wonderful.

The interior is all done and now they are working on the backyard. Here are a few before photos and the beginning of the remodel.




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Portland Food Project

This is such a cool program! Awhile back a volunteer from the Portland Food Project spoke at my neighborhood meeting, and it sounded like such a great idea I decided to participate.

It is a simple concept: Neighborhood Coordinators agree to organize a small group to become Food Donors. As a Food Donor, I fill a bag they provide with non-perishable food every other month and leave it on the front porch for a Saturday pick-up. The Neighborhood Coordinators collect the full bags and leave an empty one for the next time. The food is delivered to one of 14 local food pantries. It is tax deductible and easy as pie.

Look them up online to see if you want to participate, and please ask me if you have questions. I’m just so enthusiastic about Portland Food Project.


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We’re in the home stretch!!

For me the big news just before Christmas was – finally sleeping upstairs. There were lots of little things left to do like light fixtures, window coverings, and doorknobs, but we were very close to done! At this point, we didn't have the patio completed let alone stairs to the outside. We ordered some new furniture for the living room which would arrive by…. February.

After the new furniture and after the backyard and certainly after the steps are installed, we are going to have an open house to celebrate the true END of the remodel. I will keep you posted; I would love for you to come!

Last but not least, I have gotten such great feedback regarding the remodel. People love to see what other people are doing or have done to fix up their home. If any of you are planning a remodel let me know; I would love to take a few photos of the process!!!

Here are a few more shots of our progress!

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Remodel, Part III

Month four of our remodel. Our windows were installed, the house got siding, the sheetrock was up and the new hardwoods – beautiful!!! Yes, there was still dust everywhere, and I sometimes doubted that we would ever live above ground again. I did see light at the end of the tunnel, however, and hoped to be moving back upstairs by Thanksgiving.

So back to the hardwoods: we thought we would be tough enough to stay in the house when they coated the hardwoods. Well it was just way too stinky so we had to scramble at the last minute to find an affordable place to stay – we picked the Banfield Hotel. Let’s just say that for our second night away from home we stayed with some lovely friends!

Here are a few more shots of the progress! If you are considering a move or a remodel, give me a call. I might just be able to help!!!

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To move or remodel, that is the question…

We pondered that question for about 4 years. I can make a good case for both options but, about a year ago, we finally decided to….. remodel. We wanted to add on to the back of our house which would change our very small bedroom into a medium sized bedroom, add a walk-in closet (I am still so excited about that!!) and add a study for David.

On the other side of our house, we planned to enlarge our dining room which would open up to a new covered patio. We hired an architect to draw the plans and once we began, we had a wonderful crew at our house at about 7:00 each morning. 

It was really going pretty well…unless you asked our cat, Maynard, who thought he was in hell.

Below are a few photos of our progress…we were about a third of the way through here. 





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Eastside Portland

Windermere Knows Eastside Portland from Windermere Real Estate on Vimeo.

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North & Northeast Portland

Windermere Knows N/NE Portland from Windermere Real Estate on Vimeo.

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