Contractor List

If you’re planning  a project of your own or just need a contractor for some help at home, these are a few I’ve used over the years or my clients have recommended to me. I try to keep the list up-to-date, but if you find someone you can’t get a hold of (or have a bad experience with) please let me know!! 


 Appliances: Repair or Used  Spencer's Appliances 503-254-7977
 Appraiser  Brian Brink 503-235-5788
 Architectural Designer  Erin Casey 510-290-4313
 Asbestos Testing  Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346
 Attorney  Janet & Joel Grayson 503-771-7929
   Rob Sullivan 503-708-6319
 Carpets: Cleaning  Bob McCarthy 503-740-6805
 Carpets: Installation  Michel Chen 503-888-3650
 Chimneys: Cleaning/Repair  Russell Chimney 503-254-7965
 Contractors/Remodeling  Tyler Dean Construction 503-313-4032
   RMJ Construction/Rick 503-449-6639
 Electrician  West Side Electric 503-231-1548
   ABC Electric 503-233-7551
 Floors: Wood Refinish/Install           Real Hardwoods/George 503-209-5329            
 Floors: Vinyl/Marmoleum  Dave Pitzer 503-381-5033
 Foundations  M Leon Construction 503-643-6631
   Pacific Coast Masonry/Rob 503-701-8797
 Heating/AC  Clawson Heating 503-618-9646
 Garage Doors: Repair/Install               Jeff Stewart 503-997-9636
 Gutter & Window Cleaning  John 503-491-8609
 Handy Person  Mike Vogt 503-575-5678 
 Hauling  Mike 503-360-4991
   Mike & Dad 503-663-9330
 Insurance  State Farm/Dino Fiarito 503-653-1522
 Mortgage Brokers  Guild Mortgage/Tammy Wittren 503-452-0001
   Prime Lending/Andrea Clark 503-515-8542
 Mold Testing/Remediation  Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346
 Movers  All My Sons 503-299-9000
 Oil Tank Decommissioning  Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346
   Environmental Works 503-719-6715
 Painters  Gilles Figgins 503-307-1486
   Craig Jorgensen 503-267-4551
 Pest Control  Bugs Buddy/Greg Johnson 503-661-8291
   Columbia Pest Control 503-254-1606
 Plumbing  American Plumbing/Tony 503-289-6498
 Radon Testing/Remediation  Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346
 Roof Installation  NW Roof Tech/Tim 971-285-0620
 Sewer:Repair/Install  Reynolds Sewers/Jim 503-913-2328
   Sierra Excavation/Ubaldo 503-522-2449
 Sewer Scope  Matt n Mels 503-324-0423
   Alpha Environmental 503-292-5346
 Staging  On Stage 503-473-8838  
   Spade & Archer 503-841-7506
Yard Design  Anniebam Landscape/Annie 503-807-9178