Market activity

Market Activity

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy, warm Thanksgiving!

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Time for a break

We got back from a wonderful trip to Spain a couple weeks ago. As much as I’d been looking forward to it my mind was still full of work when we landed in Barcelona. Our hotel was a couple blocks from a beautiful park so we walked over to stretch our legs and get our first taste of Spain. It was a beautiful day and as we walked underneath the trees I heard this sort of chittering noise. I couldn’t figure out was it was and then as I looked up I saw wild parrots zooming from one tree to the next feasting on dates. For me it was magical and reminded me that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. That kind of set the tone for our whole vacation. We went from Barcelona to San Sebastian’s beautiful beaches and lastly the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. After the first day with the parrots, I was present, in the moment and work was a distant thought!

Concert Hall – Barcelona


Mies van der Rohe Pavillion – Barcelona


Gaudi – Barcelona


The cool hotel where we stayed!

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Distracted Driving

Like it or not…

As you’ve probably heard, Oregon has a new distracted driving law. Let’s just say that I talk on the phone in the car A LOT. Prior to the law going into effect I grumbled about it quite a bit. I’m not saying that I’m happy about it but I do think it makes sense. So whether you like it or not it is the law and the penalties are pretty severe. I’ve attached a FAQ sheet that will hopefully explain what is and what is not okay to do. Also, what will happen if you don’t follow the rules and get caught. Safe driving and the next time I call you I will either be in my office or pulled over to the side of the road!!!

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Looking back

If you’ve read my past blogs you know we did a fairly big remodel and addition. Overall, I love what we did and can’t imagine we will ever want to move. Here are a couple things that were really good investments – we hired an interior architect and a landscape architect. A few of their suggestions made all the difference in the world.

Also, I don’t regret a penny we spent on expensive windows or doubling the budget for our concrete work. I do regret cheaping out on the kitchen sink, using brand X quartz counters, and I wish we’d made our closet just a couple feet wider!  If you’re considering a remodel big or small, you might want to read this article for some tips!

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When in Rome

We are going on vacation and will be visiting Paris, Amsterdam and Rome. I’ve never been to Rome so have been doing lots of reading especially about Julius Caesar. Not surprisingly there are many things I didn’t know, for instance: the sundials they used kept daylight time divided into 12 hours. That meant that an hour in the summer was longer than an hour in winter!!!

By Caesar’s time there was a discrepancy between the Roman calendar year and the solar year. His solution was to extend the year 46 BC to 445 days and then fix future calendars to 365 days, with an extra day in February every fourth year. Obviously a good solution since it’s what we still do today!

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Everyone needs a break

David and I took a mini vacation to Northern Idaho and Montana. My, oh my is it ever beautiful there – lakes, rivers and mountains everywhere you look.

We started in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Next on to Sandpoint, Idaho where I have family and used to spend a few weeks most summers as a child. Sandpoint is a winter and summer wonderland with Mt. Schweitzer and Lake Pend Oreille – you’ve got to see them to believe them.

Last but not least, Helena Montana to see my cousin’s daughter graduate from college. It was a wonderful whirlwind. I’d love to know what you’ve got planned for this summer!

Life is good!

At Mt Schweitzer – this picture does not do it justice!!!

In the big sky state of Montana, everything is big!

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You kinda forget about it until you need it…

I was just at First American Title Company with a client who was signing all their final paperwork. People always wonder, why do I need title insurance?

Over 25 years ago I bought a duplex. About 10 years after I purchased the property I received a notice from the City of Portland indicating I owed them over $5,000 for sidewalk repairs. The repairs had been done by the previous owner and financed with the city. The loan should have been paid off when I bought the property but it wasn’t!! My first response was panic, but then I dug through all my paperwork and was able to contact the title company that handled the transaction. They took care of everything. Evidently the city had attached their lien on the wrong property and had finally discovered their mistake. The title company’s attorney dealt with the city and told them they were basically out of luck – it was their error and their problem. I have never again questioned the need for title insurance. That is just one of the many things that title companies take care of.

If you would like more information about the why and the what of title insurance, you might want to check out this website.

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December 2015 Market Activity

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.03.13 AM

For complete details about our market, please CLICK HERE to see the latest Market Action Report from our Regional Multiple Listing Service.

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Moving To Portland?

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