HomeownersPortland Real Estate August 2, 2019

If the earth moves, are you ready?

Well, let me just say if the big one hits, I am certainly not prepared! We have a cabin at the beach, and years ago, I haphazardly put together a few things in case there was a tsunami. I would get no gold stars, but it is better than nothing.

Considering the recent earthquake in California I started thinking I might also want an emergency plan for my home. Click here for a link to an official emergency plan. We are going to review the plan and start following the instructions to get our ducks in a row.

I can’t see any downside and – even if we don’t do every single thing on the list – it is better than doing nothing. I’m aiming for a strong C+ grade and a little peace of mind – best of luck in getting your own ducks in a row!