The sales agreement was 6 pages, it’s now 10; when my mother sold real estate it was one page. Typically, when someone bought a house we did a home inspection and made sure if there was an oil tank, it had been decommissioned. Now there are more steps to the process and the home inspection is far more thorough. The rules and protocols for testing oil tanks are more comprehensive. Testing for radon is common.

It’s standard to do a sewer scope to see how the sewer line is functioning. A wee camera is inserted in the line which reveals anything from all is well, there is a little root intrusion to wow I can’t believe the line still functions! If necessary, there are now more options for replacement and repair. Here’s additional information all about sewers.

Posted on October 21, 2016 at 7:38 am
Sally Baker | Category: Home Maintenance, Homeowners, Portland Real Estate

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